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  1. Daniel says:

    I just joined and I have to say that you’ve done a fine job with the site. I’ve seen some other women’s sites, and they don’t really seem ready. The only suggestion that I have is to jazz up that home page. Looks a little, well, unimaginative, and everything else looks top notch and really professional. You and your team really pulled it together, and I think that I may be a subscriber for some time to come. Great luck with your enterprise!!

  2. koorosh says:

    iam from iran i cant to member in your site but i like to member plz help me lisa thnx

  3. yoocood says:

    u’re awesome !!!! so fukin beautiful !!!! my all-time fav girllllll …lisa ann for life 😀

  4. ahmed says:

    i need you married

  5. nezir says:

    I admire very beautiful, very sexy and very alımlısn

  6. Max says:

    You are so hot, my favorite porn star, seem really cool/smart, and, not to be strange, I’ve jerked off to you so many times! Keep being so fucking hot!

  7. dave says:


  8. RightSaidFred says:

    When I see You I wish I was a pornstar! Amazing figure!! Love it…come to Europe and visit me 😉

  9. jonny says:

    Hey,iam a viking,from norway around 27 years,,if you would lika a trip to norway off schedule give me a noticeand ill sshow you the land….not much too see ,but a few drinks or moremaybe 😛 call me or ill call you ,haha

  10. Jeremy says:

    Lisa Ann, you are absolutely stunning, by far the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, I would love to take you out to dinner, and have an evening talking to you and hearing your voice. Finishing the night going to a park, laying on the blanket and going over the constellations above, would be amazing. That being said, I do have a very active imagination, and I was wondering if we could buy your panties, specifically a pair of hip huggers/ boy shorts, would love them. Thank you for being so incredibly irresistible, here is to hoping for a dinner date. : )

  11. James says:

    Hottest woman around. Like most, I love to watch you do interracial.

  12. Tang says:

    Hi Lisa,I’m your fan in china ,if u have a chance to visit Shanghai with your friend,I promise u would have a good time with me.

  13. ARIQ says:

    may i, give you some dick….

  14. pulsionel says:

    hi lisa
    you can t bileave how much im crazy about your talent,your body,your movie..even your smile make me cam !
    im an arabic man,and im asking my self every time,when t watch you movies..
    did lisa ann fuck with an arabic man before?
    if she did? was it proffesionel or in her private life?
    and what lisa ann think realy about arabic man as fucker?
    thanks to answer me lisa
    see you later

  15. Ricky says:

    Lisa, I been a fan for a long time and it would be a fantasy if we can hook up. Am 25 years old

  16. nicola moccia 29 03 1986 hf 186 da fr citroen says:

    hello lisa venire e poi rimanere in usa i robinson la tua auto inserisci nel sito web lisa e che sito in fan club

  17. vesko says:

    Hello Lisa, I want to tell you that you are very sexy and very much like you and I am yours fen.Ima you new movies of yours how I became an actor of films vazrastni.Molya write to me. I Love you Sexy Lisa.

  18. vesko says:

    I would like to be yours sex partner into some sex scene.Bye Sexy Lisa

  19. Dave says:

    Hell I am a 41 year old virgin jerk off to your videos would love to lose v card to you

  20. ThomasRiC says:

    Кто подскажет хорошую мморпг, чтоб увлекла навсегда и не устать от неё?

  21. Hamed says:

    Hi dear lisa.
    you are very hot and my favorite ps. I like to see you foot fetish lesbian with full fashion stocking.
    Love you.

  22. Rech Werner says:

    Lisa Ann and The Pool GuyHello Lisa Ann. I would like to ask them, if I could buy them the mules, since I have always wanted such heels already.Ich the video Lisa Ann and the pool guy Please answer email plateauschuhe@gmail.com L.g.Werner other very nice photos and videos

  23. qqq says:

    oh l want fuck you! I love your big ass ,i want fuck it everyday

  24. Jeff Plottel says:

    My name is Jeff from Surrey B C Canada I was wondering where to buy your bra and panties I think you are very beautiful lady

  25. Moheamed says:

    I want to work in porn movies

  26. Ric Thai says:

    Hi Lisa,

    Please get in contact woth me as i have a fantasy which only you can fullfill. Im a huge fan and would appreciate it if you got in touch with me.

    Please take this request serious and kindly consider to contact me please.

    Thanks in advance.


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